Sunday, March 16

Anu belore dela'na

Outgoing from the word placing in the sentence from expressions
'Al diel shala' (noun1 noun2 adjective), translated as
'Safe travels (to you)' (adjective noun2 to noun1), and
'Sin'dorei' (noun1 noun2), translated as
'Children of the blood' (noun2 of the noun1), I could work out the meaning of each word in the expression
'Anu belore dela'na' (verb noun1 noun2'noun3), which should be translated as
verb noun3 of the noun2 to noun1:

Anu belore dela'na - Ask (anu) our way (way of the we - dela'na) to the Sun (belore)
Anu - ask
Belore - the Sun
Dela - we
Na - way
EDIT: A bit unsure of this, there mught be some better translation but for now, I accept this as the actual translation.

EDIT2: Also notable that dela is a bit similar to diel, so this translation might not be correct. I'm going to try to 're-translate' this sentence some time later.


Katarina said...

In a previous post you said that you suppose that the adjective and verbe go together like this: adj'verb. so, wouldn't that mean that in Anu belore dela'na Dela is an adjective? and, also refering to one of your previous posts, na-means we/us. So ANU(the sun) BELORE ( you said it is maybe a metaphore for 'go' and i agree=) )DELA' (an adj. of some kind - have no idea) NA (we, us / or maybe our) so could it be something as in : The sun shines our way? I mean the Sin'dorei love to do those kind of things :) and shines our way... could be like a metaphore for guidiance? :)

doqunbop said...

Note that na is a noun, not a verb. The noun1'noun2 construction is (usually) translated as 'noun2 of the noun1', like in Sin'dorei (children of the blood, where dorei is children and sin is blood). Besides you lost the word 'way' in your translation, as well as the word belore showed itself to fit better if it's translated as 'sun'. ;)

Chucklyn said...

Hiya! According to WoWWiki, Blizzard has verified a number of Thalassian words and phrases.

See this wowwiki link about Thalassian for the translations of Anu belore dela'na and other phrases as well as cited sources from Blizzard.

Side note: no matter who came through with the final and correct info, I think it's VERY cool that you took on such a project yourself!

doqunbop said...

Hi and thanks for your input! :)

As far as I can see, nothing much has changed on WoWWiki since the time I used it to base a part of my research on.

The phrases verified by Blizzard were there for a long, long time - maybe not exactly verified by Blizzard, but based on references and official translations. These translations, however, are loose, just like when you translate a phrase or sentence from another language to English, which is why the words are open for interpretation, and the meaning of each word is hard to work out.

Anyway, thank you for the input. I'm glad some people appreciate the work I've done so far, and think it's cool. I might, and hopefully I will, do more research in the future, but I'm pretty busy with some real life issues at the moment, as I'm doing the last year at the high school (gymnasium).

Anonymous said...

Anu belore dela'na acording to blizzard this actually means; The sun guides us. giving a load of different word meanings.

doqunbop said...

I am aware of the phrase official translations. What this project is about, is to translate the individual words of the phrases, and it's not often the translations could be made directly. Thus, I also have provided an alternative, direct translation suggestion for the phrases I've managed to work out the words for.

doqunbop said...

It kind of gives a better idea of how the language is built, when you read the direct translations.

Anonymous said...

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Dahjer Canaan said...

Anu Belore Dela'na - Roughly translated, it means "May the Light be with you". The NPC's already say that in place of Anu Belore Dela'na some times when you speak to them.

The "sun" translation doesn't always have to be the "sun" exactly, it's a symbol for a word meaning many different things, the sun gives off Light, and Blood Elves worship the Sun Well and the Arcane arts, which is why the class race specializes in Paladins and Priests.