Saturday, March 15


Outgoing from the thesis that 'ore' in the nouns means some creature, person, and the expression

Selama ashal'anore
which is translated as 'Justice for our people', it's quite clear that 'anore' means 'people'.
Anore - people


Nina Johnson said...

Bal' a dash!
I am Nina, and like you, i am try to learn more about this language: Thalassian.
And you are right: anore means people.
For me, "Selama" means "justice", and "ashal" means "for"; so if we put the words toguether: JUSTICE+FOR+PEOPLE(the blood elves say "anore" to talk about "their people") ists the same as: Selama ashal'anore.

Great! I love your blog!! :D

Aurel Farkašovský said...

I do not thing so. Try to think about it from the other point of view.

Anar'alah belore.
Anaria shola.

Anar-light (as you said)
Then alah is by. It seems reasonable to me for ashal being people and anore can be for like conjugations in slavic or latin and greek.

Aurel Farkašovský said...

*for ashal to be people...
*for example something like...

Sorry, I was thinking along writing xD Anyway I don't know what the world mean when they stand alone, maybe I'm right and maybe you are. See you next time.