Sunday, March 16

Anar - light

Looking upon the following expressions, you can see the words 'anar' in one and 'anaria' in the other.

Anar'alah belore - By the light of the Sun
Anaria shola - Speak your business
Before, I thought 'anar' would mean 'by' and 'alah' would mean 'light'. But, if supposing that 'anaria' is a form advanced from the word 'anar', I made the conclusion that 'anar' would mean 'light', 'alah' would mean 'by', 'anaria' would mean 'enlighten' (metaphore for 'speak', 'reveal') and 'shola' would mean 'business'.
Alah - light by
Anar - by light
Anaria - enlighten, reveal, speak
Shola - business
So, the phrases are built as following:
Anar'alah belore - by (alah) the light (anar) of the sun (belore)
Anaria shola - enlighten/reveal (anaria) the/your business (shola)


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


doqunbop said...

Hello Miriam,

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog! ^^ Sadly, I'm not continuing the research of the language, and don't plan to resume in the closest time (too many things to do), but maybe during the summer holidays I won't have anything better to do. If so, I'll probably check through the WoTLK content to see if anything related to Thalassian has been added.


Katarina said...

I am very interested in the language of Blood elves, as I have started playing one. I was researching a bit and I wanted to ask you have you thought about this? If (you have written this in the first post) Ana- means shine, what if it is the sam in: Anar'alah belore? You know, even in English we have a-N apple, not a apple... do you get my point? What if the (R) is only placed there so we wouldnt have two a's and so we could pronounce it more easily... Bellatrixe the Blood Elf warlock :)

doqunbop said...

Uhh, I've not thought of Thalassian for quite some while, am working on other, at the moment more important projects (like making my own game ^^)
You have a point there with the likeness of anar and ana, and it makes sense because 'light' and 'shine' are related, and can even be used as synonyms in some cases, right? :) I guess that's the case here too. I can't find exactly where I got the ana from, but I think it was a verb, but anar is a noun.