Monday, June 14

Al diel shala, malanorei!

Hello people!

Most of you who return here must have noticed that there are no new additions to the current research, and probably are wondering why.

Generally there is, of course, more research to do, and probably also new official translations giving some more ideas for the translations.

I, however, have been busy during this whole time. Busy by making my own career, trying to develop my own game. That is also why I have lost quite a lot of my previous interest in World of Warcraft and Thalassian. I do still have some interest left in this research and might spend some time in the future to look for more information and translations. So stay tuned!

For those of you who are interested of the development process of my game, you can refer to my other blog, which is solely for the purpose of documenting my time as a game developer. Here's the link.

Al diel shala, malanorei!


Anonymous said...

did you end your research? just found your site and have been doing research on this too. my most recent curiosity has been with regards to colors. not much or any information regarding that topic :(

perhaps they dont have words for it and instead would use metaphorical...? idk haha like blood for red. :) what do you think?

Los Christabel said...

A linguist friend and I are going to make the attempt to construct Thalassian, since Blizzard won't. Drop me a line if you're interested.

bandinoriel said...

Hey you should come check out our blood elf guild we role play using the Thalassian language, and much more RP-PVP, and PVE you can find out more by checking out our site @

Max Haddock said...

hey, I thought this would be the best place to ask about thalassian, so does anyone know by chance the translation for " su mandalas diel O no belore man'ar diel dieb anoduna"