Wednesday, July 16

Quel'danil - Highvale or High Peak?

Ever been in The Hinterlands? If not, it's the time to go and explore the areas you've not been to!

I was leveling my priest (a NE this time) when I found myself at Quel'Danil Lodge. On WoWWiki you can read the translation for Quel'Danil as High Peak, which is citated from an earlier WoW book. But if you go to the Quel'Danil Lodge at The Hinterlands, you'd see many Highvale NPCs (Highvale Marksmen and Rangers) around the area. So, I became to doubt if the translation High Peak would be correct and that it shouldn't be translated as Highvale instead...
Well, as of I have no more information sources about this at the moment, I'll leave the both translations.

danil - peak/vale


Role Craft said...

Quel'danil may mean "High Peak", however, the place where the elves would live would be in a vale - the valley.

So I believe "High Peak" is the correct translation, but the elves would live in Highvale, the Valley (Vale) between the peaks.

doqunbop said...

It's possible, even though the Highvale elves are living in the Quel'danil Lodge. Have you been to the Quel'danil Lodge yourself?